Tola’s Top 10 – December

Another month, another Top 10 from your pals at Tola Marketing!

Last month our picks were solely based on all of the traveling we have been doing. Luckily for us, that season is over and this month we have a COMPLETELY different focus. We’re talking about gifts that will help you and your loved ones make the most – and the best – out of the new year! Can y’all believe it’s almost 2017?

Here are some of the items we’ve stocked up on for gifts – and for ourselves, too!


  1. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner – Plan better.With the new year comes all of those new year resolutions – one of them often with the intent to be more organized! Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner is “a beautiful, joyful agenda for busy women in all seasons of life. Designed minimally on purpose, its open pages serve as a fresh start every day.”
  1. Organization Wallet – Get your financials under control.Grabbing yourself an organization wallet is a simple way to manage your household income and expenses. This wallet is based of Dave Ramsey’s envelope system and is a great place for your checkbook and check register, debit card holders, cash-management envelopes.
  1. Bubble Bath – Learn to relax.Nothing is more important than taking time for self-care! So many of us spend our time serving others and often miss out on repaying the favor to ourselves! A relaxing bubble bath helps us to detox – mentally and physically!
  1. Yeti – Drink more water.Water is basically the most important thing you could ever give yourself! And gifting a tumbler that keeps your water – or favorite liquids – colder and warmer longer will make you the hit of the season!
  1. Prayer Journal – Spend time in the word of God.Journaling by itself can be a healing process. Combining a daily prayer practice along with journaling can help you to sort out all of your thoughts and keep track of all of the things you are grateful.
  1. Yoga Mat – Exercise.Whether you’re replacing an old one or maybe adding to your collection, a new mat is a great way to motivate yourself in the new year! You can leave one at home for your private practice and one in your car for studio days! And you can’t go wrong gifting a mat to a loved one!
  1. Healthy Cookbook – Spend time making quality healthy eats.Cookbooks come in many different shapes and forms – smoothies, grilling, cupcakes and more! Gifting a cookbook that helps along the journey of healthy eating is always a win!
  1. Gift Cards – The gift that keeps on giving.While buying a gift card as a present can often seem and feel like a cop-out – it can actually be one of the best options! It allows your gift receiver to purchase something of their choice and can help ease the burden on your shoulders of guessing sizes and personal taste!
  1. A Lunch Box!While this may seem silly, most people who are attempting to overhaul their lifestyle and implement a new diet try and carry food with them to work. What better way to do so than a new lunch box!? There are so many to choose from – so a little research never hurts!
  1. Car Aroma Humidifier – Bring the scent with you.We all love humidifier diffusers for our home – so what’s better than a portable diffuser for your car?! If you’re like most individuals who spend a decent amount of time commuting, this is the perfect way to bring your favorite calming scent along with you!


What are some of the first things you pack into your bag? Some essentials or items you simply cannot leave home without… Comment below and let us know!

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